Xactimate X1 continues to evolve through updates from Xactware.  We do our best to keep up with the changes that affect our online courses, but there is always a bit of a lag due to the time it takes to recreate content.


Be aware that some visual changes have been made since our online course was recorded.  This page will give your some type of reference to use when the you notice something has moved.  We will continue to update the course as we are able.  Please understand that the changes are not of significance and shouldn’t inhibit your ability to follow along in any way.  The core process of writing claims has been the same in all versions in the past.  Many carriers are still using the Xactimate 28 when you are dealing with claims for them.


So the biggest difference the last update has made is to move the top menu to a side pane.  

Old View


New View

As you can see, the top level menu has been moved to the side.

When you are looking to see where they moved “Labor Minimums and Labor Summary, you must look at the far right drop down menu on your new Estimate tab screen to find them.

Xactware has put together some helpful information on where they moved a few small items.  View them HERE