Texas Adjuster Licensing

2021 Training Our goal is to train better insurance adjusters in the State of Texas. Most would-be adjusters seek out online training just to get the piece of paper, but our goal is to take our students well beyond the paper and give them the tools they need to succeed.

When we started our program in 2012, the training that was available was subpar and did not give people a fair chance of success. We wanted to offer quality online training for those who didn’t have the opportunity or the finances to consider live classes.

Our Real-World Experience

Our training is written by adjusters and for adjusters. Not all online training in our industry is written by people who have been out in the field and actually worked as adjusters. That perspective is important for students who are trying to be effective in the adjuster industry.

Our trainer has been educating adjusters since 2008, and began his own adjuster career in 2012 after Hurricane Sandy. He has gone on multiple deployments and has received praise from the insurance adjuster firms.

He is still actively involved in NACA – National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters—where he serves as the Vice President this year. We are also actively involved in the DCA – Dallas Claims Association—where we connect with other people in the insurance industry here in the DFW Metroplex.

Our Training Process

To date, we have successfully trained over 15,000 students. We are widely recognized in the industry of independent adjusters, and the feedback from our students is almost universally positive.

Our licensing course is a 40-hour class as dictated by the state, consisting of 32 hours of online content and 8 hours of self-study homework. Our Texas Smart Start package is modeled after a 7-day live class consisting of a Licensing Class (3 days), Xactimate Class (3 days), and Practical Adjusting (1 day). All training is done through a web interface using your phone, tablet, or computer.

Students receive a study guide to fill out through the duration of the course, which they can then use as a review sheet for the final exam. We administer the Texas Adjuster License test at the end of the course.