Maryland does not license insurance adjusters. For Maryland residents wanting to become a licensed independent adjuster, a nonresident Designated Home State (DHS) License can be obtained from Texas. We have the courses you need to fulfill your licensing requirements.

Maryland Insurance Adjuster Licensing 

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Maryland is one of several states that don’t offer state-specific licensing. They do acknowledge other states’ licenses. For example, if you become a licensed insurance adjuster in the state of Texas, Maryland will accept your credentials so that you can work in their state as well. Texas remains one of the most popular Designated Home State options for adjusters from non-licensing states.

To work as an insurance adjuster in Maryland, 2021 Training recommends getting your Texas All-Lines Adjuster License and choosing Texas as your “Designated Home State”. This approach opens the door to more deployment opportunities and ensures you don’t miss out on the necessary Continuing Education courses you need to keep your license up-to-date. Since Texas is a huge state with a variety of severe weather events, many adjusters choose to become licensed here. As a result, CE courses are plentiful in Texas.

Are you ready to start your exciting new career? You can earn your Texas license online through 2021 Training! Work at your own pace without the hassle of sitting in traffic on the way to a classroom. You can read and review the materials as much as you need to in order to fully understand the concepts, and your instructor will be available to answer any questions you have. It’s a modern solution for anyone who wants to become a licensed insurance adjuster.

2021 Training makes it easy to get your Texas Insurance Adjuster License. Our nontraditional setting was designed for your convenience. You have the freedom to do your coursework anywhere, so students with jobs or families can do their classwork during downtime. Our curriculum is 100% online and available from your computer 24 hours a day. We also provide state-approved CE classes that meet all your Continuing Education requirements. You can take them at any time to keep your license current.

Why Get a TEXAS Insurance Adjuster License?

You’ll need a certain number of Continuing Education credits to renew your license. While you might be able to earn your license faster in some states, Texas is always on the list for approved CE courses. When you’re licensed here, you can be sure you’ll always have plenty of state-approved CE courses available. The same is not true for all states.

Texas is also recognized by many states for reciprocity. This makes it easy to get licensed in other states if you keep your Texas license current. Reciprocity means the other states recognize your Texas license and don’t require you to take their own state licensing exams. This also applies to states like Maryland that don’t have their own licensing.

Steps to Get Your Texas All-Lines Insurance Adjuster License

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Step 1: Take the Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing Class

Step 2: Get Fingerprints to Submit with Application 

Step 3: Complete Texas Application Choosing Texas as Your “Designated Home State” 

Step 4: Submit Application to State With:

Life as a Maryland Adjuster

Being a Licensed Insurance Adjuster in Maryland

Licensed insurance adjusters in Maryland make about $51,000 per year on average. This is for Claims Adjuster I jobs, and easily increases with practice, efficiency, and the willingness to travel to multiple states and work weather disaster areas. Adjusters with senior-level jobs make about $60,000 in the Baltimore area. When you work as an independent agent, your income will be closely tied to the number of hours you put in on deployments.

The Weather in Maryland

Maryland shares a border with Washington, DC, in an area that has always dealt with winter storms that bring snow and ice into the region. In recent years, windstorms and flash floods have entered the mix of weather hazards in Maryland. Fallen tree limbs and battered or collapsed roofs are some of the damages you should be prepared to deal with during your inspections.

2021 Training: Your Texas and Maryland Licensing Source

2021 Training teaches you everything you need to know about insurance adjusting, from ethics and caseload management to Xactimate software – at home, in your spare time. Call us today to learn more about the Texas All-Lines Insurance Adjuster License and adjusting claims in Texas, Maryland, and all across the USA!