Kansas does not license insurance adjusters. For Kansas residents wanting to become a licensed independent adjuster, a nonresident Designated Home State (DHS) License can be obtained from Texas. We have the courses you need to fulfill your licensing requirements.

Kansas Insurance Adjuster Licensing 

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Kansas does not require insurance adjusters to be licensed in any specific state. Therefore, you can get your license in any state that provides licensing. Since there is no such thing as a Kansas Insurance Adjuster License, you should get a Texas All-Lines Adjuster License with Texas as your “Designated Home State”. It’s essential to be licensed, even if your state of residence doesn’t require it.  Adjusting is a very competitive field, and it’s extremely difficult to get work if you do not carry a license.

Most insurance adjusters get their Texas Insurance Adjuster License. At 2021 Training, we train you to become an insurance adjuster licensed in the state of Texas.

As an insurance adjuster, you’ll want to be able to work in states other than your home state. Texas, for instance, is a large state that sees a lot of storm activity and is a common place for many adjusters to work. Texas does require adjusters to be licensed. If you were from Louisiana, you’d get your Texas adjuster license through reciprocity after you’ve obtained a Louisiana Adjuster License, but with no adjuster license required in Kansas, how would you do that? Simply get a Texas All-Lines Adjuster License and select Texas as your “Designated Home State” on your application.

2021 Training offers online classes that make getting your Texas Insurance Adjuster License easy. There’s no need to travel anywhere for testing or class time. It’s all online and available from your computer 24 hours a day.  We have CE classes approved by the state of Texas to meet all your Continuing Education requirements online without ever leaving home. You can take them anytime and always be current on your license renewals.

Why Get a TEXAS Insurance Adjuster License?

It’s not just about getting a license, it’s about being able to renew it as required. It’s easy to get CE credits for Texas. Most conferences you attend as an adjuster will always have their CE credits approved for Texas. Some companies recommend other states, such as Indiana. While you can get licensed quickly in other states, not many places will give you CE credits, which makes it harder to renew your license. You’ll always find Texas on the list where CE courses are offered.

Texas is also recognized by many states for reciprocity. This makes it easy to get licensed in other states as long as you keep your Texas license current. Reciprocity means the other states recognize your Texas license and don’t require you to take their licensing exam.

Steps to Get Your Texas All-Lines Insurance Adjuster License

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Step 1: Take the Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing Class

Step 2: Get Fingerprints to Submit with Application 

Step 3: Complete Texas Application Choosing Texas as Your “Designated Home State” 

Step 4: Submit Application to State With:


Life as a Kansas Insurance Adjuster

Being a Licensed Insurance Adjuster in Kansas 

Insurance adjusters in Kansas have many job opportunities compared to most other states. Between storm season, hail and flooding, there are ample chances to hit the ground running and get lots of field experience. Kansas is one of the top states when it comes to entry-level salaries for insurance adjusters, with most starting out between $48,000 and $52,000 per year. Note that those are salaries for brand new adjusters with no experience.

By the time you finish your course with 2021 Training, you’ll be prepared to handle whatever the job throws at you. We were founded by real insurance adjusters with real deployment experience, and we happily share our wisdom with you.

The Weather in Kansas

Kansas and tornadoes are inextricably linked, even in works of fiction like the Wizard of Oz. As a part of Tornado Alley, Kansas gets an average of 96 tornadoes every year. Some of them are devastating, with most classed between EF-3 and EF-5, which indicates violent, potentially deadly storms. The state’s flat landscape and large, open stretches allow tornadoes to pick up speed and debris with nothing to help break up the wind.

Where there are tornadoes, there is hail, so Kansas insurance adjusters can expect to deal with storm damages, flooding, and hail damage during the stormy season. The tornado season in Kansas lasts from April through June. Outside of this period, Kansas has cold winters and hot summers.

Kansas Insurance Adjuster Statistics

  • Average Insurance Adjuster Salary(according to glassdoorglassdoor): $48,466 
  • Number of Insurance Adjusters in Kansas (according to Claims Pages): 13,081
  • Total Incurred Losses in Kansas 2019: $7,812,392,000
  • Property/Casualty Damage: $3,869,263,000
  • Total Wildfires: 68 (Acres Burned: 31,261)
  • Total Tornadoes: 48


2021 Training Has Everything You Need from Start to Finish

Don’t hesitate to get started on the path to a lucrative career as a licensed insurance adjuster in Texas! This license will allow you to work in numerous states, including Kansas, and 2021 Training will guide you every step of the way. Call us today or go online to sign up!