Internet Resources for Insurance Adjusters

As insurance adjusters, everything is about balance and efficiency. Having information and help at your fingertips is extremely valuable. The internet is a vast and wonderful place that many of us just get LOST in. We have assembled some of the top sites that we use as adjusters for industry news and help.

Weather and Earthquake Related Sites

The Weather Channel is a great source to watch weather as it happens. Nationwide doppler radar is helpful in tracking storms all over the US. will allow you to see hail maps from the US Map. Zoom in and out to view hail maps reporting size and time reported. This is a great place to validate hail claims from insureds.

California Integrated Seismic Network gives accurate earthquake reporting both locally and nationally. Sign up for customized text alerts to your phone.

Insurance Adjuster License Information and Continuing Education Lookup

The Texas Department of Insurance regulates all Insurance Adjuster Licenses for Texas. They handle all applications and renewals with the help of their partners.

Sircon/Vertafore has been contracted by the Texas Department of Insurance to manage and track all Continuing Education for your Insurance Adjuster Licenses. As a CE provider, we report all CE credits to Sircon. Sircon allows you to look at your own transcripts to verify all CEs have been reported correctly for your license renewals.

Services for Insurance Adjusters

NACA continues to push forward helping new adjusters gain skills and experience. Members can participate in mentoring programs gaining valuable industry experience.
Schedule It provides an incredible scheduling service for adjusters. They provide several levels of service to help adjusters with claim management and routing.
RidgeTop sketching services provide roof sketches that import directly into Xactimate, allowing adjusters to focus more on adjusting and less on sketching. Pricing is reasonable compared to EagleView.

Community Websites and Facebook Forums

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Facebook Groups you should join:

CAT Adjuster Stuff
Independent Adjusters Network
Adjuster Central

Online community for CAT adjusters. Good information to browse when you are getting started. This community has been around for quite a while.