Practical Adjusting – Version 2.0


This course is packed with practical information and insider tips that you can only get from someone who’s been in the field.

  • What you will learn
  • How To Find Your First Job As An Insurance Claims Adjuster
  • How Alert Levels Affect Employment Opportunity
  • Tools Of The Trade
  • Insider Information From An Experienced Claims Adjuster

And much more!

Additional Information

Texas CE Information

TDI Course # 112694, Classroom Equivalent

TX CE Hours

5 Hours – General CE

  • What is An Independent Adjuster?
  • Licensing and CE Requirements Required by State Insurance Departments
  • State Requirements for Working With IA Firms
  • Responsibility of Adjusters During Catastrophic Events
  • Where to Find Help When Adjusting Claims
  • Using Adjuster Tools to Adjust Claims Properly for Insured
  • Common Practice & Expectations of Claims Processing
  • Carrier Requirements for Adjusting Claims and Keeping within the Law
  • Legal Duties When Adjusting Claims
    • Initial contact requirements
    • Do’s and don’ts when speaking with insured
  • Standards Used In Adjusting Claims
    • Expectations of what makes a good claim file for the carrier
    • How to document the loss in the claim file
    • Expectations of narratives and photos in the claim file
  • IA Firm’s Responsibilities to the Independent Adjuster
    • Making sure you are treated fairly as an independent adjuster
    • What to expect from the IA firm
  • Rules for Dealing with Public Adjusters on Claims