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Our Hurricane Deployment guide covers the licensing process, online training recommendations, and industry insider pro tips that will get you ready to deploy.


Real World Insurance Adjuster Training

2021 Training was founded with one purpose in mind: to train new insurance adjusters in a way that would prepare them for the real-world challenges they would face, in a convenient online format.

Our founder, Dave, has been training insurance adjusters since 2008. Back then, online learning was still in its infancy, and there were no good options for those who wanted to obtain their insurance adjuster license online. To solve this problem, our founder decided to develop a new curriculum that brought real-world experience into the mix. 2021 Training was born.

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Why Home Remodelers Make Great Insurance Adjusters

On average, people change careers 5 to 7 times in the course of their working years. Often these changes are from one skillset to another that is closely related. This helps with the adjustment and builds upon existing skills to reach new goals. One closely related...

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Why Roofing Salesmen Make Great Insurance Adjusters

Why Roofing Salesmen Make Great Insurance Adjusters

When making any career move, it is always good to have a base level of knowledge and skill about the work you will be doing. Insurance adjusting is no different. If you are interested in making a move from being a roofing salesperson to being an insurance adjuster,...

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