With the first month of the new decade nearly half over, there is already a growing list of events and conferences being held throughout the country that claims adjusters can plan for. As more and more industries, including insurance claims adjusting, start to incorporate the capabilities of modern technology, the ability to attend conferences as webinars are becoming increasingly popular.

Conferences Coming Soon

While there are some upcoming conferences the Dallas, TX area where I live later this year, including the Texas Independent Insurance Adjusters Association Annual Conference in May, there are also many more conferences accessible online. At 2021 Training, my team and I have spent years helping individuals develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the insurance claims adjusting industry, and we’re always ready to work with you to find the right continuing education events to expand your horizons. 

January and February are usually a slow period for independent claims adjusters, so we can take a little time to ourselves and focus on expanding our skills and knowledge. While there is almost always a hotspot of activity somewhere in the country, it is important to remember that engaging in continuing education and conferencing is a great way to keep yourself up to date on the latest trends and best practices in the industry so you can maintain a competitive edge out in the field. 

How Important ARE These Conferences?

The most important reason for attending an industry event in person is because they are opportunities to get to know the people you work with. Like many other industries, what you know matters, but in the end, it is also about who you know. Being an independent adjuster means making the effort to put yourself out there, and to attend conferencing events when the opportunity presents itself.

Never underestimate the power of good networking. On February 13th, there will be a networking event for the CLM Greater Houston Chapter, and it is the first big opportunity of the year for claims adjusters in Texas to enhance their presence within the industry. Also, on March 18th the CLM Annual Conference will be held in Grapevine, TX so it is a great idea to plan for that event.

Cooperation in the Industry

While the individuals attending this meeting may be working for different companies, they help each other a lot. They help each other professionally and personally. It can be a wonderful opportunity to spend time getting to know other adjusters and learn their stories about how they met in the field and helped one another at work. While events like this are not mandatory to attend, it can go a long way towards cementing your presence within the industry, and if you’re looking to become a successful adjuster in the long term, having a solid network is essential. When it comes time to select adjusters for a deployment, being able to put a face to a name while knowing something about them personally can make a big difference. 

A Great Chance to Stay Informed

Along with having a chance to build your network and enhance your industry presence, conferences are a vital way for claims adjusters to stay informed about new trends and technologies that can help them stay competitive in the field. Without the knowledge and advice offered at these conferences, an adjuster might start to realize that they’re falling behind the competition while out on deployment without understanding why. 

Contact 2021 Training in Plano, TX to Plan Ahead

If you’re thinking about attending conferences in the Dallas / Fort Worth, TX area this spring, then its always a good idea to reach out to our team here at 2021 Training instead of trying to struggle to find helpful information online. With years of industry experience and access to the resources you need to succeed, we’re always ready to help set you on the right path so you can continue to grow.