Texas Smart Start Package for Insurance Adjusters

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This 3 course Smart Start Package was designed to save you money on Texas adjuster training and take care of the biggest and most important issues you need to address as you pursue your career as an insurance adjuster. It will help you launch your adjusting career the right way. This package is for anyone getting into insurance adjusting.

girlThumbupThe Smart Start Package will do several things for you, including

  • Provide you an adjuster license through the Texas Pre-Licensing Course.
  • Teach you Xactimate® so you can become proficient in writing claims. You’ll be much better prepared than adjusters starting out without this specialized training.
  • Give you Insider Tips that most adjusters won’t have. You’ll understand HOW to be an adjuster and create your own system for adjusting.

The 3 classes included are:

  1. Texas Pre-licensing Class ($179)
  2. Adjuster Concepts and Ethics through Xactimate® ($229)
  3. Practical Adjusting ($99 – Free with Package)

Take advantage of having the top three classes at your fingertips without having to go back and research “What’s next?”  You’ll save time and money on the classes you NEED as a new adjuster.  See descriptions below.

Can I use the Texas All-Lines Adjuster Pre-Licensing course if I don’t live in Texas? 

If you live in a state that provides it’s own license such as Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, etc., you cannot use this course to get your Texas license. You would have to get your home state license first and then apply to get your Texas license through reciprocity. If you live in a state that does not have an insurance adjuster license such as Colorado and Virginia (See full list at bottom of Texas Adjuster licensing page) you may use this course to get Texas as your “Primary License”. You would select Texas as your designated home state when applying for your license.

Courses Included in Smart Start Package

Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing class is all you need to get your Texas state license.  Submitting your state application along with your fingerprints and completion certificate from our class will satisfy all the state requirements to obtain your license.

Practical Adjusting is your HOW TO manual of insurance adjusting.  It’s filled with tons of useful tips that will ultimately save you time in the field,  which equates to MORE MONEY in your pocket when you work.  This class will more than pay for itself the first day you are deployed. Practical Adjusting will walk you through How To

  • Apply to CAT companies
  • Prepare for deployment
  • Scope losses

The Xactimate course® will take you all the way from the beginning, which includes installation, to becoming proficient in writing your first claim.  Learn from a seasoned adjuster and be far ahead of your peers in the marketplace.

Most students follow the Pre-Licensing course with the Practical Adjusting course because it’s not as intense as the Pre-Licensing and Xactimate® courses, plus it’s fun and interesting. None of the courses are dependent upon each other, though, so it’s really up to the individual student’s preference as to which course to take next.