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5 General Texas Credit Hours 

(Classroom Equivalent Hours)

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Only 2021 Training offers a Practical Adjusting course online
It combines live classroom style teaching with the online convenience. This course will give you the practical information and insider’s tips that you can only get from someone who’s been in the field.

Learn how to go about finding a job
Find the cat (catastrophe) companies who deploy adjusters to the field, how to go about applying and getting on the rosters, tips and insider information of being on the call back lists.

There are different levels of alert
Depending on storm activities, it varies from collecting resumes to have on file to actual deployment. Learn what these levels are and what to expect.

Get practical tips
Save lost time and frustration.  Know what tools and equipment you will need so you can prepare before deployment.

Your instructor is an experienced adjuster with live classroom instruction and brings that element of sharing personal experiences and tips to make it your training as lively as being there but conveniently online.

He walks you through what to expect during your deployment, what they will ask you to do, what he’s seen in the past, and what to do once you get your claims.  He’ll share the rules about how long you have to initiate and complete the claim. How to avoid being buried in paperwork.  Learn the best information of what to do when you go to the job site, what you can or cannot say, how to go about inspecting the damage. Discover what software to use to best map out your day.

This is extremely helpful
Especially for someone who has never done this before. You can be confident from your very first field experience.



You will learn:

What To Expect
What To Do First
Tools You’ll Need
Handling Your First Claim Successfully
What To Bring To The Site
How To Write And Post A Resume
Getting Deployed
And More