2021Training offers the best adjuster training in the industry

We combine the convenience of an online setting with the experience of live class expert instruction.  No need to travel – you choose your own schedule. You can access our courses from your computer, laptop, smart phones and tablets. You get the best information in an enjoyable format. 

We bring you experts with years of real in-field property adjusting experience plus hundreds of hours in live classroom instruction experience in front of adult students. Your instructors use humor, real world stories, word pictures, slide shows, and other tools as they share tips and practical information to make your training as lively as being there, but conveniently online. You’ll be able to apply it  to make your work easier, more efficient and more profitable. With our training you can be confident from your very first field job.

2021Training.com offers the only online Practical Adjusting course.  It combines live classroom-style teaching with online convenience. This course will give you the practical information and insider’s tips from someone who’s been in the field. Get the specific information you’ll need on how to do your job successfully. Considered a must-have course for success in the field.


We’ve made 2021Training online courses the most complete and enjoyable courses online.

See the sample videos for several of our courses  (listed with the respective Courses).   TravelCosts2

Your Benefits of Online Training vs. Showing Up for Live Class Training:

  • No travel expense – save the transportation, hotel, and meal expense as well as other miscellaneous out of pocket costs
  • No need to take time away from other work to meet the preset training schedule. Choose the course or courses you need,and then fit them into your schedule.
  • You set the pace – learn as fast as you wish. Go straight through the course, or spread it out over whatever time you need. However, you’ll retain more if you don’t spread it out over several days or weeks.
  • Take breaks when YOU need them.  It’s hard to concentrate and retain information during the live class when you’re overtired from travel.
  • You can go back over sessions to make sure you understand it correctly. Live class can’t stop to redo an entire section to make sure you, individually, understand it.
  • Access your training 24/7.  If you’re a night owl, you can study far into the night. If you’re an early riser, you can study before the day begins for everyone else.
  • Computer, tablet and smart phone accessible.  Grab a cup of coffee at home, the office, or a local coffee shop. Log on and go to school. Caught waiting somewhere? Log on with your tablet or smart phone and put the time to good use. You choose what works best for you and your new career.