Insurance Adjuster Training

Get Your Texas Adjusters License In 3 Simple Steps

1. Take our Texas Pre-Licensing course and get your Certificate

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2. Get your fingerprints for the Texas License

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3. Fill out your application

It really IS that simple!

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Quality Online Insurance Training

2021 Training continues to serve Insurance Adjusters with our unmatched online training. We offer complete training for new adjusters allowing them to reach a high level of competency without having to leave home for long training sessions. All our courses are online and available 24 hours a day. No need to travel or wait for someone else’s class schedule. Quality adjuster training is at your fingertips ready to qualify you for years of working as an insurance adjuster. There is a lot of insurance adjuster training out there, but none match the quality that we offer online at your convenience. Don’t let the reasonable prices fool you, our training is conducted by adjusters who have years of field experience that they share with each of our students giving them insight to how to make good decisions out in the field. By offering only online courses, we are able to keep our overhead down and pass the savings on to you. We never want you to be surprised or mislead by the process of becoming an adjuster. Please call us! We love to talk to you.

Texas Insurance Adjuster Licensing

Texas Pre-Licensing is the gateway class for all new insurance adjusters. This class is for anyone who wants to become an insurance adjuster and lives in the state of Texas or lives in a state that doesn’t provide licensing of insurance adjusters such as Colorado, Tennessee, Virginia, and Nebraska. If you don’t live in Texas, you would use Texas as your Designated Home State License. This class will teach you the basics of insurance and fulfill all the state requirements including testing all online. Course #90751    Read More

Texas Smart Start for New Adjusters

Texas Smart Start Package is the answer for the New Insurance Adjuster. This package of three classes give the new insurance adjuster all the skills that are needed to succeed out in the field. This includes our Texas Pre-Licensing Course, Practical Adjusting Class, and Xactimate Class. The information in these three online courses will prepare you for success working as a catastrophe insurance adjuster which is where most of us started in our careers.   Read More

Xactimate Software Training

Prepare yourself to be proficient writing claims in Xactimate®. It’s not enough to just list “Xactimate Certified” when starting your career in adjusting. You’ll need to be proficient in writing claims. This online adjuster training goes beyond a piece of paper saying you took the course. You will learn the skill set you need to be efficient in the field even from your first deployment. We start with the basics and build on key concepts that all adjusters need to understand. At the end of the class, you will be writing your first Xactimate claim from scope notes provided. Course #88526 Read More

We also offer Online Symbility Training

Practical Adjusting

This course will give you the practical information and insider’s tips that you can only get from someone who’s been in the field. Learn how to go about finding a job. Find the cat (catastrophe) companies who deploy adjusters to the field, how to go about applying and getting on the rosters, tips and insider information of being on the call back lists. Your instructor is an experienced adjuster with live classroom instruction and brings that element of sharing personal experiences and tips to make it your training as lively as being there but conveniently online. Sign up for this online insurance adjuster training today! Course #88527 Read More